Red Dwarf – The Roleplaying Game

Deep7 released the official Red Dwarf® RPG in early 2003 to critical and fan acclaim.  Pyramid called it “remarkable… a benchmark by which similar efforts should be judged.”  SciFi Weekly gave it an A grade and said of the core rulebook “comedy role-playing may be new territory for many gamers, but Red Dwarf is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed…”

The hardcover core rules were followed by the official A.I. Screen (which included the 24-page Extra Bits Book) and concluded with the softcover Series Sourcebook (which included playable breakdowns of the existing eight series).  The license reverted back to Grant Naylor Productions in 2007 and the line is currently out of print, but it still circulates among online retailers and resellers.  The line consists of:

Red Dwarf ® – The Roleplaying Game

Core rulebook, 2003
Hardcover, 176 pages
Todd Downing, Mark Bruno, John Sullivan, Andrew Kenrick, Lee Hammock, Gavin Downing, Allan McComas, Samantha Downing, Steve Hartley, Julian De Puma
ISBN: 0-9710820-3-0
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Red Dwarf ® A.I. Screen

Tri-fold game screen, 2003
Extra Bits Book, 24 Pages
Todd Downing, Gavin Downing, Samantha Downing, Steve Hartley
ISBN: 0-9710820-4-9
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Red Dwarf ® Series Sourcebook

Supplement, 2004
Softcover, 160 pages
Todd Downing, John Sullivan, Andrew Kenrick, Eddy Webb, Samantha Downing, Gavin Downing, Steve Hartley, Hattie Hayridge
ISBN: 0-9710820-5-7

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