All Aboard FcoverIn 1930, Edith & Grace McDowell committed their memoirs to paper – a journey which began in 19th Century rural Ohio and roamed America, from the dust storms and prairie fires of Kansas to the new state of Oklahoma, to the Panama-Pacific Exposition of 1915.  From the halls of Congress in Washington DC to the exotic Hawaiian Territory.  From San Francisco to Boston, New York, Dallas, Hollywood and points in between.  And from the recording studio of Thomas Edison to the airwaves of a new entertainment medium: radio.

In an era before their gender was allowed to vote, two sisters blazed trails in business and entertainment, touring North America and earning their way: as public stenographers, war correspondents, secretaries to senators, journalists, musicians and early radio celebrities – bringing native Hawaiian music to the mainland as The MacDowell Sisters, “Sweethearts of the Air”.

547375_630006340347632_808400797_nDiscovered in McDowell family archives, ALL ABOARD!  is a firsthand account of exceptional women living in the decades surrounding the turn of the 20th Century, in an age of steamliners and Pullman rail cars.  It is a fascinating travelogue of the people, places and events that mattered, and of a pioneering spirit and the will to succeed.

Edited and with historical notes by Edith & Grace’s great grand nephew Todd Downing, with Foreword by radio personality, historian and author Robert L. Pace.

Published by Deep7 Press.  Available at